I am a total geek when it comes to front door decor. I like it. I innately believe that a welcoming front entry is like your first hug to your family and friends when they drop in. I grant you this is a first world passion and does nothing to promote world peace. Yet, I still feel like ...why not say good morning neighbors and hello friends with your front porch!
The Satori philosophy of designing a Spring front entry, rests on picking out a large centerpiece and work off that In this case the yellow bench brings the big pop of color and design. I like it. Yellow and blue always compliment each other and I bet it looks great from the street too.

Contemporary color approach from BHG. I like how crisp and clean it feels as you approach the front door. White painted porch and colorful doormat really accent the pop of color from the door . Very nice!

PictureLittle Brags@blogspot
Reinvented sewing machine cabinet transformed into a front porch planter. Love the yellow.

The simplicity and beauty of this Spring arrangement. We have blooming Lilacs  and Hyacinthia and I like using them

Rather than send your old unusable bike to the dump, paint it and use it as a flower basket. My neighbor has this in her front patio and I always notice it and her entryway.  I'm not sure about this color pink,  but I love the overall feel of this. Spring!

So I'm finishing up a custom  piece and I love it. It was born from my client's wish to  match a much loved buffet bar in their dinning room. The color is a very light greenish white with a confederate blue trim and an aged glaze.
Goal: Create a piece that matches this buffet/bar
The Kristina Cabinet was patiently waiting in their garage for a little Love. Beautiful piece !

The challenge...lots of carving in the wood and as we all know very difficult going from  a deep stain to a light paint. Definitely not for the casual painter or refurbisher. But the piece is so pretty and really just waiting to become a statement piece.

Here is the piece painted in Sherwin William's SPROUT ! It is the most delicate and lightest green ever. I added golden amber to the gaze to give the piece depth and match up with their buffet. The  doors haven't been glazed yet as we are wondering if it would look good... with the blue trim  added the panels, as well. What do you think?  I'll let you know what they decide and take a few final pics of the cabinet completed.
So Sweet!
I love coastal holiday décor and it's so much fun to make things with the children of our family! Here are our inspirations in easy homemade holiday décor
Sorry about the lack of posts in October...between the projects in the studio and my everyday life my focus has been to better organize my home. Why? My best happiness is directly entwined with a neat nest. During the summer I just let it go and now that it is colder by the shore..its time to clean up my act.  Honestly, I'm in my happy place when everything is organized. My work, my home, my schedule. Ahhh.....human beings we are such funny creatures.

Organization #1 What to do with the Halloween pumpkins....

From HGTV...I love the organic beach-y feeling of this.
This look is from Tracy Knaak. Very pretty.
The folks at Beach Cottage painted their pumpkins pale greys and whites and and created a lovely simple tablescape.
If you have a free afternoon...why not make a magnificent centerpiece for your thanksgiving table. Very pretty. Sand & Sisal.
The story of the lonely sad side table that was left unchosen, at my neighbors tag sale.
A little chalk paint and typography and a fun entry dresser is happily reinvented.
The best way to get over the end of the summer is to embrace the beauty of Fall.
PictureMust do.
Scituate Art Festival

October 11-13                           Village Green, Route 116,      North Scituate
Scituate is a picturesque New England village nestled in the northwest corner of Rhode Island. Visitors stroll the beautiful Village Green, taking in some of the most unique varieties of art, craft, sculpture and antiques. Autumn provides the backdrop for this wonderful festival, bestowing crisp air and colorful foliage to energize the body and the spirit.

Casey Farm is a fun fall experience


Through October 25th

2325 Boston Neck Road, Saunderstown, R.I.


The Coastal Growers’ Market, held weekly at Casey Farm, is a wonderful farmers’ market experience. Support local farmers and purchase a variety of specialty products including organic produce, pasture-fed meats, locally raised shellfish, baked goods, sweeteners, flowers, and more. Bring the whole family for a unique shopping experience and some of the finest produce in Rhode Island. Named "one of the five best farmers’ markets in New England" by Yankee Magazine

While this isn't a new idea, the reinvention and modern approach to it's use in home décor is fun and beautiful. Driftwood for décor is a brilliant idea because it’s not only beautiful but also eco-friendly because you use reclaimed old wood for creation of new and amazing designs. Driftwood items don’t always mean that a coastal or beach touch, they can look fantastically rustic. Its a wonderful way to add texture and interest to your home. Take a peak at some examples from DigsDigs:

Last night as we watched the sun go down at Watch Hill, I put on my first heavy sweatshirt of the season and thought to myself...this has been a great season. Really, what a fantastic summer here in New England, rather incredibly it was sunny and balmy all summer long.

Sunset on a great summer
I love art installations. I think they are incredibly beautiful. And I came across an artist that is blinding me with the beauty of her work. Cal Lane is a sculptor and welder who turns ordinary objects into lacy artworks. She is an internationally acclaimed sculptor having won many prestigious awards over the past decade. Take a peak at what she is creating...
Wheel barrel
Oil Drum
What a cool girl! This stuff is so incredible.